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Whale and Dolphin Watching

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Dolphin and whale watching trips can be life-changing experiences.
That is why so many people go on trips every year.
Calheta Touristic Promotions positively encourages you to go and see these amazing creatures in the wild ocean where they belong.

Always follow the rules and instructions of the Captains on board. You must remain seated during the journey due to safety reasons. You can get up and walk around when the Captains stop for you to see our sea friends.

If you are pregnant or have any physical or health problems, please tell us before we can give you the best seats to make your tour as comfortable as possible.

We offer you a 2h tour, we take a maximum of 12 guests per trip to observe the animals. This trip is for all kinds of young & old people, those who enjoy nature and wildlife or those who enjoy adventures!

Catch the cool breeze of the ocean on your face and enjoy the ride!
The views from our island are stunning, peaceful and unforgettable.

We also have lookouts (spotters) who are looking for animals every day, they then inform us when they see our sea friends so we can take you there!
On all of our trips, we have a professional Crew / Biologist, certified by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation for the Observation of Cetaceans. Our Crew / Biologist will then explain about every species that we find on our trip.
You just need to sit comfortably and enjoy your ride, leave all the rest to us!

We do everything in our power to optimize the chances of seeing dolphins, whales, and turtles.

It can be possible not to see anything. As we always explain to our costumers that it is wildlife and we do not control it. We work with wild animals in an infinite ocean.

In this unfortunate case, we do not give refunds. 

 You can also pay for warranty! We charge 5 euros extra per person!

If you choose the guaranteed observation you dont have to worry about that. If your are unlucky we will offer you a second trip with no addiction costs.

(Why do we say that this way it will be guaranteed? Well thanks to our statistics we can tell you that it is almost impossible to have two trips in a row not seeing animals.)

Our success rate for 2019 is 83% whales and 95% dolphins.

Also, our company provides photos and GoPro videos underwater for every tour for all our clients and for FREE!
The meeting point is in Calheta's Harbor, at Calheta Touristic Promotions store # 8.

 Please arrive 15 minutes before departure time.  
The team will give you a warm welcome, where you will hear about safety procedures and tour details.
Also, if you have any worries or requests, feel free to expose to the Team accompanying you.
Choose a morning or an afternoon or even an epic sunset tour with us and come enjoy the amazing ride!



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